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Save time by increasing the control and precision of your calculation to reduce prototyping.


Reduce costs thanks to a highly accurate and faithful digital model.


From creation to production, secure ownership of your drawing and backup every single step of the manufacturing process.


Get specialized support from day one to help you in your projects and answer all the questions you may have.

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We develop CAD solutions for industrials and watch manufacturers.

The complete design of watch mechanisms

Get advanced functionalities for each step of the process: pre-study/research, development stage, production phase, 2D and 3D kinematics and scientific analysis.

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The design of 3D models

Design and produce 3D digitised comprehensive manufacturing drawings. Quickly set up and manipulate large assemblies with more than 200’000 parts.

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Visualize interactively any 3D model

Display and view a realistic 3D model, create 3D animations in real time and automatic exploded view of the 3D drawing.

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Take advantage of the full potential of our product

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Benefit from years of experience from our engineers to simulate your models

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Users trust our software

For several years, the Geneva Watchmaking School has been considering Tell Watch as one of the best teaching support. Indeed, thanks to the integration of advanced watch construction functionalities, the simulation and animation possibilities of Tell Watch allow students to easily produce realistic and animated representations of the watch models designed.
Geneva Watchmaking School
Our customers use Tell Industry 90% of the two-dimensional part because they consider it the best program on the market, easy to use, intuitive and extremely functional. Furthermore, through the ISOTELL applications, the program is not just an electronic drafting machine, but, through the pdm, it becomes a vital aid for the management of the components. Tell Industry is extremely versatile for the execution of layouts, where it is important to have the ability to quickly trace and modify the elements of the design.
PAOLO PAVESI, Responsabile Assistenza Cad
Skybackbone Engenio srl
During the exploratory phases of new watch mechanisms, TellWatch’s performance remains unmatched. For example, the 2D simulation capabilities of this CAD software were crucial in conceptualizing and sizing the Constant Escapement.
NICOLAS DÉHON, Engineer and Inventor of the Constant Escapement
Proximity, flexibility and responsiveness : I can always count on quality service provided by a professional team.
Tell is an irreplaceable solution !
CHRISTOPHE LYNER, Movement Manufacturer
In essence, Tell Watch transcends mere software tooling to become a true ally in the pursuit of watchmaking innovation.
Its flexibility and user-friendliness make it an indispensable choice for any professional eager to unleash their creativity to the fullest.
Begoña RODRIGUEZ, R&D Engineer

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